Unboxing: Unique Melody Miracle V2

You may have read about Unique Melody in our interview with Lawrance. Here’s a look at the Unique Melody Miracle, a nice universal IEM that audioprimate has on loan from Unique Melody. Until the Maestro was released, the Miracle was the flagship IEM from Unique Melody. It has six drivers that output through two large exposed bores set at different depths. The cleaning tool is really a must.

Here are some unboxing pictures in order.

Is it weird that I love love this foam. I’ve received a few IEMs in the mail in my time and none have had this kind of protection. These cats from Guangdong are shipping things right.

Good looking black box with an understated presentation. Getting the headphones out required pushing through a hole in one side and wriggling a little until I could pull out the next compartment.

Classy face. No bling, just straight up clean branding.

The inside of the box slides out like a drawer. There is a sign on the outside that tells you “IEMs inside box”. No surprises. Inside you see another box on top. This box holds accessories: an airplane adaptor, the compulsory 6.3mm adaptor, 4 pairs of silicone tips (in 4 sizes), 3 pairs of foam tips (in 3 sizes), a polishing cloth, a cleaning tool (no brush, just pick), and the warranty card. Below this compartment is the headphones case, which contains the headphones. The headphones come inside a small metal screw-top case with a velvet bag inside. The case has rubber on the top and lining the bottom to protect against moisture. Inside the velvet bag are the headphones and their cable. The headphones are outfitted with a pair of medium foam ear-tips.

And then I played some Eagles.

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