Epicurean Aural Delights

Right, so, you want the best, right? You earn enough, don’t need money and want to burn it away on totally hedonistic pleasures that are not of the dodgy sort…ish.

You are also an audiophile, and more specifically a hardcore headphile; someone who LOVES headphones.

You want to look like these guys, right? RIGHT?

I wanna be as hawt as these dud…I MEAN HEADPHONES OFC….phew!

The answer is yes. It is ALWAYS yes.

So, what if you wanted to test some of the greatest headphones ever made on some of the best single-ended gear in the world (well, except one balanced gear, more on that later).

Well, the guys at Audiohub.gr and AMAZEBALLS audiophile and audio reviewer Panagiotis Karavitis did just that, and posted a damn good article about such an endeavour using some serious exotic gear:

Oh…oh my…drools…dammit, sorry, er, excuse the small puddle…

Here’s a list for ya for a quick summary if reading any article is TL;DR (listed gear from source to output):

Power Cords:

Wireworld Platinum power cords

Nordost Valhalla power cords

Stealth power cords


Aurender A10 caching network server


dCS Rossini

Headphone Amplifier (for Dynamic and Planarmagnetic headphones; single-ended):

Viva Audio Egoista 2A3

Headphone Amplifier (for Electrostatic headphones; balanced):

STAX Energizer (for the STAX SR-009 headphones)

Interconnect Cables:

Nordost Odin interconnects

Headphone Cables:


Double Helix Cables (I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! ❤)



Focal Utopia

Audeze LCD-4

Abyss AB-1266 Phi (debut preview and comparisons with original AB-1266 here)

Final Design Sonorous X



This system is nuts.

Without spoiling any more of the original article, the total cost for all of the above is approximately $120,000.


Who are these guys and where do they live; I want in on the action!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Well, anyway, have a read at the article and bask in the warm, tubey awesomeness that few can ever reach…

Basking well I see 😉

Beautiful smoky hawt tubes + precise digital ninja; end-game aural bliss is a deadly temptress… 😉

What is he doing to that LCD-4?

Source parttimeaudiophile.com

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