DIY amps: a roadmap for beginners

So you have decided to take the DIY dive and start building your own headphone amplifiers! If you stick with it, you are going to learn a lot about audio and electronics theory and develop several handy skills in the process. Intention is one thing and action is another though, so now that you have the motivation,... Continue Reading →

The real cost of DIY

We DIY for many reasons. Some DIY because what they are looking for does not exist in the commercial products market (this used to be particularly true of the headphone market). Other DIYers start down the road of building their own equipment because they think they will trade blood, sweat, and tears for dollars saved... Continue Reading →

How to make a round 8-braid

Saw this on Facebook in the DIY Cable Makers group and thought I'd share. Round 8-braids are what you see on many top price cables. I'm not sure that it makes a difference over quad braids, but it sure do look pretty. The method applies whether using paracord or not. I recommend using heat-shrink at... Continue Reading →

Intro to the DIY Domain

Modding can be very rewarding. I have modded my Sennheiser HD600s to remove the veil and expand the soundstage. Trekasaurus has modded his HD800s and is in the process of having his IE800s modded to solve the cable problem that those headphones have. Many HiFiMan HE-6 (and many other HiFiMan headphone) owners have modded their... Continue Reading →

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