CanJam London 2018: what I’m excited for

Event details:

CanJam London 2018

Park Plaza Hotel Westminster Bridge (right by Waterloo Station)

July 21-July 22

Tomorrow morning, early, 6AM-ish, I’ll be leaving on my way down to London for my fourth CanJam London.

In my first year (2015), I was walking around with my Sennheiser HD600s draped round my neck and an iBasso DX50 in a belt pouch looking like a total noob. I was afraid to listen to all of Noble’s line-up because I thought it would break my heart to hear anything more than the Savant. I listened to the Sennheiser Orpheus, and a bunch of other great stuff. I skipped over the Brimar Audio  table because I didn’t think there was any point in cables (I’m stopping by this year), I didn’t even have much in the way of good headphones and all the science pointed to no effect. I hadn’t started reviewing yet. CanJam London was in a different part of London.

In 2016, I’d gotten into reviewing. I was getting on every tour I could. I was hungry, I came with business cards and some bravado after some front page reviews. The Noble Encore review came out of CanJam London 2016 as did the 1More Triple Driver Review, among others. The Encore might still be my favourite in-ear. The Triple Driver is still kick-ass value. CanJams are a wonderful time to experience a ridiculous number of new headphones/amps/IEMs/DACs/DAPs in a short period of time.

What I’m excited about this year

Thanks, Jude. This is a good place to start

  • Empire Ears. Last year I listened to a few prototypes. This year they are fully realised. I’m going to get my listen on with the new line-up, especially the Legend X and the Phantom. I’m intrigued by the technicals on both sides and hoping Dean Vang has some good info for me.
  • Chord has lots of new stuff, including something secret. Oooh. I think I’ll finally get some DAVE in this year. Interested in hearing the TT2 with the Susvara.
  • Campfire Audio, JOMO Audio, Vision Ears. These are all new exhibitors. Campfire Audio is now distributed by HiFi Headphones, so we should see them every year now. Even though Jackpot77 has reviewed almost the whole Campfire line I haven’t heard any of them.
  • Abyss Diana. I’ve been wanting to hear this for a while. I’m hoping it will be powered by some XIAUDIO amps, but I’ve not seen that announced.
  • Cayin N8. This thing sounds like a beast. 8 Vrms with 4.4mm fully balanced line-out and headphone amp. It also has a hybrid amplification setup that has tube and solid state choices. It’s a crazy beast of a player. I’m looking forward to hearing it.
  • Meze Empyrian and Rai Penta. I think these are going to be pretty sweet. I’m hoping that SCV Distribution has them going out of the new Benchmark HP4.
  • Sennheiser HD820. I want to see whether it leans more towards the HD800 or the HD800s. I’m hoping for the former.
  • HiFiMAN. Holy crap do they have a lot to show here. Shangrila Jr., R2R DAP, and the new Ananda. Might have to check out the Sundara too. Oh yeah.
  • DITA. Will there be a Dream for me to listen to or will I have to settle for Fidelity and Fealty?
  • 64 Audio, last year the Fourte blew me away, but there was something off about the Tzar. I’m going in for a second chance.
  • Beer with my blogmate Jackpot77. He’s a good bloke.

So now that you’ll know where I’m going. If you are around, say hi. I’m shaggy and beardy and will have a Questyle QP2R jammed in my pocket (review will be this week after the show).

I’ve only got one day, but it’s going to be a good one.

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