Lear BAMDAS5 – it’s the ‘m’ for madness injected into badass. Badass madness. BAMDAS5.

When I first heard about the BAMDAS5 (Bearing Array Multi Driver Acoustic Structure) from Lear Audio out of Hong Kong, I thought: those crazy bastards! This could change everything. I immediately started peppering CEO and lead designer Tatco Ma for more details on his mad scientist experiment.

I’ve been talking to Tatco ever since I heard that he was releasing a balanced amplified Bluetooth cable, the Lear BTC-01 (review at the link). He’s been telling me that he was developing a whole new line-up for a while. I’ve watched with interest as he’s released the Turbo and Kaleido, but the BAMDAS5 is something completely different.

Explosive, sadistic, I didn’t see it coming! This crazy craftsmen of Kowloon has decided to make a 5 driver headphone. I’ll correct that. It’s an in ear monitor with 5 dynamic drivers. This has never been done before. Unique Melody made a 3 dynamic driver (3DD) some years back, but nobody has had the big brass cajones to put something like this on the table.

The Lear BAMDAS5 is available for pre-order right now. Audio Primate will be interviewing Tatco Ma when he finds the time (releases are busy times), sometime next month.


Here’s some info from Lear’s facebook page with some pre-order details for any Hong Kong residents we may have reading (I bet you can do a pre-order from elsewhere too):

We’ve received a lot of the inquires about our new Patent Pending BAMDAS™ technology and the BAMDAS5, the world’s first 5 dynamic driver in ear monitor !

The information in detail will be publishing soon but the demo unit is now available at our new Hong Kong Customer Service and Product Center which located in Kwun Tong !

Please feel free to drop by to test drive and pre-order if you are interested in!

Address : Unit No.12, 13th Floor, Wah Shing Centre, No.11-13 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

TEL: (+852) 23326902
Business Hours: Monday-Sunday 2:00 – 7:00PM (Trial)

Thank you so much for all you support and attention!

I’m excited to hear what this 5 dynamic driver badass can do.

Here are some preliminary measurements to peruse. Lear does this really respectable thing where they release their measurements. These measurements aren’t frequency response charts, so stop freaking out! These are distortion graphs.


thd BAMDAS5 2

The tentative release schedule for the Lear BAMDAS5 is late February to mid March. That is tentative, so it is possible the wait could be longer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this will be in our collective ears soon.

2 thoughts on “Lear BAMDAS5 – it’s the ‘m’ for madness injected into badass. Badass madness. BAMDAS5.

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  1. I have owned LEAR BAMDAS 5 for almost 3 years now and think that I would never sell it (got an A-grade second hand piece from Japan).

    You would expect it to sound like a badass considering that it’s 5DD. But its tuning is very conservative, just a gentle W-shape sound. But what it excels is technical refinement, tonality and coherence. Layering, imaging and soundstage depth are way superior to my other earphones of the same price range. Vocals – both male and female – sound very realistic in terms of volume and are very uncolored. As a vocalist myself I would say that it could also be use for vocal refence purpose. What it excels the most though is its tonal coherence, sense of rhythm and timing. Try lisenting to it back to back against multi BA or hybrid of the same price and it is not difficult to understand that BAMDAS 5 really has a better tonal coherence and timing.

    I would say that BAMDAS 5 is a kind of earphones whose sound grow on you rather than impresses you right from the start. Indeed, at first lisenting BAMDAS 5 could sound too gentle and hence boring. But the more you listen to it the more you can observe those technical refinements I mentioned above.


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