Questyle QP2R Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Okay, to call these initial impressions from me is not really being honest. Maybe we are getting off on the wrong foot. I have had the Questyle QP2R for about a month. It is my main player. I prefer it to every other portable player that I have, a list comprising 8 other digital audio players (DAPs). Here is the list that it betters (no I don’t have any Astell & Kern or Sony gear), in order of preference:

  1. Audio Opus Opus #3
  2. Hidizs AP200
  3. Aune M1s
  4. Shanling M2s
  5. Echobox Explorer
  6. HiFiMAN SuperMini
  7. iBasso DX50 (yup, I still have my first HiFi DAP 🙂 )
  8. HiFiMAN MegaMini

The sound is clear, rich, and expansive. The soundstage of every IEM I’ve been able to play on it has been expanded in all dimensions. Bass rumble, extension and texture are exceptional, as are mids and treble resolution. The Questyle QP2R excels in all things sonic but one: it hisses like an angry cat with my sensitive Noble Kaiser Encore IEMs, especially out of the balanced output. I haven’t been able to use my favourite IEMs with it, and it has still been my favourite player. That says all you need to know about the sound quality on this. I’ve been primarily listening with the PlusSound Prism ($399) and the Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered, but I’ve also tested it out with the HE1000 v2 full size planar magnetic cans. It drives the HE1000 v2 well off the balanced connection. The amp circuit in the Questyle QP2R is something special. Current mode amps regularly drive things that the specs say they should have no business driving.

Jackpot77 has already reviewed the Questyle QP2R (part 1, part 2), but I haven’t, and a review from me will happen in the New Year, so stay tuned. In the meantime: audioporn unboxing images. Let’s unveil this beauty.

The QP2R comes with multi-level gift grade packaging befitting a premier audio device. It begins with a minimally adorned white card sleeve. Inside the sleeve is a magnetic clasp box with two halves. The bottom half holds the player behind a thin protective veil, it’s like lingerie for the player—a very alluring visual. The upper half has a heavy card barrier that is released with a shiny polyester pull tag. The packaging of the QP2R is tightly compartmentalised and well put together. There is a place for everything cut into the foam of the player and card inserts to keep everything tidy. For transportation, the QP2R comes with a velvet-effect draw-string bag. It isn’t much protection. The QP2R does not come with a case, and cases are hard to come by—I’ve been looking hard for one. Other accessories include a USB-C charging and data cable, a sticker to apply to the scroll wheel (for more grip), and a toslink to mini toslink adaptor (nice touch). There is also a startup guide and warranty registration information.


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