Unboxing: Simgot EN700 BASS

Simgot is a new entrant into the budget department, and I’m already impressed with the fit and finish of their latest offering. Due to busy schedule, I haven’t gotten too much listening time in with these guys yet, but like most headphones now, they sound good. I gave them some run-in, which was recommended by Simgot (100 hours). How well they stack against the competition will be a question for another day.

You can get the Simgot EN700 BASS at Penon Audio.

In the meantime, here is what Simgot had to say about their company:

Simgot is a technical company established by a crowd of passionate music enthusiasts in the hot summer of 2015. 

This is a professional acoustic brand and a leading manufacturer of audio devices, specializing in R&D and production of Hi-Fi headsets, sound drive-units, acoustic devices and other consumer products.

SIMGOT is committed to provide music lovers with the most cost-effective and prestigious Hi-Fi headset products.

Adhering to the “best” and “innovative”, SIMGOT shows full respect for intellectual property and design. Taking art designs, refined technologies, superior listening comforts, impeccable services and other technological innovations as requirements and standards, SIMGOT concentrates on designing and producing electronic sound products.

With one year R&D , Simgot has produced its first IEM, EN700, which immediately arise the attention in domestic and abroad. By collecting and analysing the feedback of EN700, SIMGOT develops second IEMS, EN700 BASS, which fixes the disadvantage of the EN700 and conducts a lot of updates. 

We don’t oversell the EN700 BASS. The domestic market has proved its strength, we believe it will have same performance in international market.

My favourite things about this new entrant into the sub £100 market are the following:

  • Gorgeous cable, it puts most stock cables to shame (detachable version coming, but not what I have for review)
  • Beautiful aluminum shell with a unique fascia, definitely a marriage of art and science
  • Great looking and perfectly sized case with horizontal orientation, which eases loading in the headphones and prevents tangles (I’ve told 1MORE  three times to do this, they don’t listen to my feedback). It also has a cool inscription: “Salute to art and science.” Nice. I can totally get behind that.
  • Clearly labelled tip selections for different sound signatures

Now for the unboxing pictures:

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