About Audioprimate

Audioprimate is a group of UK-based HeadFi enthusiasts with varying backgrounds. This post gives a brief introduction to the crew here and what you can expect going forward.

I’m Glassmonkey, you may know me for throwing zany youtube videos into reviews on HeadFi. Maybe you’ve asked me questions on HeadFi or I’ve told you to stop worrying and embrace the infinite banality of waiting for a crowd-funded project to arrive. I’m a believer in measurements, cables, and placebo effects. I’ll leave you to decipher that.

Here is my HeadFi profile. Here is my HeadFi review index. The review index also contains an expanded about me in case you are wondering. I’m the youngest of the group of intrepid reviewers here, but that doesn’t even mean I’m the least grizzled and grey.

We’ve also got Trekasaurus, writer of smooth friendly reviews under the name Takeanidea on HeadFi. The Trek is a lover of all music Cornwall and Devon and spends much of his headphone time gently listening to an HE-6 out of a custom DIY First Watt power amp designed for filling a house with sound out of full size speakers. Trek feels the power. Trek has a penchant for modification. His HE-6 has the grills removed. His HD800 has the Super Dupont Resonator mod. His IE800s have just been recabled. His RE00 are now pseudo-custom.

Rounding out our little tribe

is Jackpot77. Jackpot is a delighted dilettante of headphones, like many in the hobby, frequently rotating through buy-sell cycles of new IEM experience. Jackpot is a bit of a portable guru with the most detailed descriptions of anyone on this site. He makes my verbiage look positively anemic. Talent. You can find his review thread on HeadFi over here.

From time to time we have contributions from some special guests like wtfamps,  who brings us his latest DIY headphone amp building discoveries and some general DIY knowhow; TheOneInYellow, bringing his unique brand of infectious excitement and media savvy; and Otic Nerve, a newby to HeadFi just discovering what headphones have to offer in comparison to two channel set-ups.

We have a ton of talent here. I think we’ve got the best UK reviewers on HeadFi. I hope you’ll agree after you’ve stuck with us and read some content. About that content, here’s what you can expect:

  • loads of reviews. We’ll be updating and porting all our HeadFi reviews and putting up new ones.
  • features on music we like, music we use to test equipment and our general reasons for loving HeadFi
  • news articles about upcoming events and new products we are excited about
  • discussions on DIY mods and amp construction
  • pretty pictures
  • hopefully some surprises

We hope that you, our faithful readers will be along for the ride, and that you enjoy the show. Don’t forget to share what you like on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you hang out on the broad and dusty interwebs. I’ll leave with a quote from my home state’s long-time Senator, Ted Stevens.

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