Boys Age: weird and wonderful from Japan

I've been listening to Boys Age for about three years now and keep introducing strangers, friends and family to the strange works of Kaznary Mutow. Kaz is both the creative force behind the music of Boys Age and the strange, sexual and sometimes disturbing artwork of their album covers, and he produces their music videos.... Continue Reading →

Intro to the DIY Domain

Modding can be very rewarding. I have modded my Sennheiser HD600s to remove the veil and expand the soundstage. Trekasaurus has modded his HD800s and is in the process of having his IE800s modded to solve the cable problem that those headphones have. Many HiFiMan HE-6 (and many other HiFiMan headphone) owners have modded their... Continue Reading →

Aune M1S: one of the most transparent DAPs I have heard, and only $249

Pros: It sounds amazing: black background, excellent dynamics, accurate and spacious stage, brilliant tonal accuracy; good line-out function; 2.5mm balanced out; 3 gain levels; excellent power output; intuitive control scheme; build quality; price Cons: No tag based browsing even though it reads tags, CUE based gapless (annoying), no EQ, no standalone DAC, no USB OTG, buttons... Continue Reading →

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